Raspberry Ketone Diet Scams: How to Identify Efficient, Pure Raspberry Ketone Supplements

raspberry ketone diet dr ozRaspberry Ketone is a compound included in various new dietary supplements and it owes much of its hype to Dr. Oz, the doctor-turned-popular-TV-persona.

Dr. Oz has presented the benefits and uses of Raspberry Ketone for weight loss in one of his shows and since then the health supplement industry has seen an unprecedented mushrooming of raspberry ketone supplements.

What was an admittedly wrong and perhaps even harmful side effect of this hype, is that many non-licensed and unqualified manufacturers developed questionable Raspberry supplements— as this seemed to be an opportunistic, lucrative thing to do.

Tellingly, a handful out of numerous raspberry ketone supplements is actually genuine and effective, the rest are sadly scams.

The Benefits Of Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is primarily a richly aromatic compound found in red raspberries. Traditional uses of raspberry ketone are to provide its distinctive aroma and flavor in fruit-based foods, and for enriching the aromatic potency of perfumes. However, since it was touted rather noticeably by Dr. Oz for its weight loss properties, people are now using it for another reason; to burn fat.

  • Metabolism Boost

When consumed in the recommended daily intake, raspberry ketone can affect the metabolism and the protein that regulates it, namely adiponectin. Adiponectin assists in the regulation of metabolism, so my fortifying its presence in the body, this sets off a set of metabolism boost processes.

  • Fat Burning

Adiponectin apart from boosting the body’s metabolic rate, also influences fat breaking down what’s known as lipolysis. When adiponectin levels in the body are high, fat stores are low and vice versa. With raspberry ketone the body is encouraged to increase its adiponectin production and thus optimize the whole lipolysis process (fat breaking down).

  • Trick Your Body Believe it’s Thin

By increasing your adiponectin protein levels, Raspberry Ketone tricks your body in believing its already thin, since Adiponectin levels are tend to be inversely analogous  with fat stores amount. The higher your adiponectin levels, the less body fat and vice versa.

The ability of raspberry ketone for lipid (fat) metabolism was tested by Japanese researchers who confirmed the anti-obesity properties of raspberry ketone wit their study.

During this study, mice were in a high-fat diet and were administered with raspberry ketone daily. The latter prevented weight gain in the mice by increasing “norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in white adipocytes”, in other words, Raspberry Ketone assisted in fat burning acceleration.

Free Raspberry Ketone Trials

The extensive hype Raspberry Ketone received led to a record demand for the Raspberry-anything supplements. People badly wanted to try this allegedly miracle fat burning formula and as it was expected, many manufacturers started  providing free trials in order to absorb the growing demand themselves.

Despite certain Raspberry Ketones manufacturers offering genuine and efficient supplements, unfortunately the majority of these free trials are scams or entail a re-billing policy.

Raspberry Ketone Free Trial Scams

It’s not that hard to identify a Raspberry Ketone free trial scam. The following characteristics often apply to a scam supplement:

  • Insufficient information regarding the exact formula of the supplement
  • Insufficient amount of Raspberry Ketone extract
  • Intentionally confusing ingredient list and obscure labeling of ingredients
  • The developer is unknown, doesn’t provide much company information
  • Scarce if any contact details
  • Deceiving free trials where the trial is later on billed, without the client’s consent or knowledge
  • Difficulty getting in touch with the manufacturer or customer support
  • Poorly designed and incomplete product websites, indicative of the product’s inefficiency.

Such dietary supplements that offer free trials and have one or more of the above characteristics are:

  • Beyond Raspberry Ketone
  • Raspberry Ketone Pure Plus
  • Raspberry Ketone Lean
  • Original Raspberry Ketone – it’s rather a mix of compounds with unspecified dosages each
  • Pure Raspberry Ketone – another cocktail supplement with various compounds
  • TrimlineMax

Identifying Non-pure Raspberry Ketone Supplements

Dietary supplements claiming miraculous weight loss results in view of a many-extracts formula, are often ineffective. The paradox is that many such supplements contain a series of extracts, including African mango, acai berry, Hoodia and Garcinia. Now, the impossibility of this is that if these compounds were genuine, pure and of high quality then these cocktail supplements would be very costly.

So it’s impossible to have a potent supplement with all the goodness of nature and still be an affordable weight loss solution. More often than not, such mixed-ingredients supplements are ineffective.

The same applies to Raspberry Ketone supplements that claim to contain other ingredients such as caffeine, claiming that their work is ancillary; to help enhance raspberry ketone’s effectiveness. Such supplements are:

  • Ultra Raspberry Ketone Diet – it doesn’t list the compound dosage, various other ingredients are also included.
  • Raspberry Ketone Fusion – again, doesn’t provide exact compound amounts and it contains various other ingredients. It’s reminiscent of Raspberry  Lean brand, probably a re-branding of it.
  • Raspberry Ketone Classic – cocktail supplement and actually, has no raspberry ketone in it.
  • Raspberry Ketone UK  + Free teeth whitening system – It contains caffeine and other fillers.

What Makes A Genuine Raspberry Ketone Diet?

Choosing among several, similar-looking supplements to find a pure and effective one can be a time-consuming task. The criteria below will help you easily tell a genuine from a scam Raspberry Ketone supplement. If the supplement you consider buying doesn’t meet the following criteria, better stay away from it:

  • Clearly stating the Raspberry Ketone amount. Note that the recommended dosage is 0.42mg per kg per day for maximum results – most effective is 200mg of pure raspberry extract.
  • The manufacturer provides detailed information of the company and its practices
  • The vendor is trusted and well-established
  • There’s efficient customer support along with benefits such as discreet packaging and free shipping
  • The manufacturer provides promotional deals and offers
  • There’s a money-back guarantee
  • The fat-burning claims are balanced and well substantiated, it has no over the top promises of radical results.

Best Raspberry Ketone Diet To Buy In The UK

Following are the top Raspberry Ketone supplements currently on the market. After careful evaluation, we’ve concluded on their efficiency to assist in weight loss.

#1 Raspberry Ketone Plus

raspberry ketone plusOur top choice would be without fail Raspberry Ketone Plus. This supplement meets all efficiency criteria mentioned above and so we’ve pushed it right onto the top.

Raspberry Ketone Plus has been featured on Fox news in view of its extensive efficiency plus, it contains the exact safe dosage for maximum effect. More importantly, Raspberry Ketone Plus is the no.1 choice in the UK and worldwide since its:

  • Contains 200 mg of pure Raspberry Ketone extract per capsule
  • Available only from trusted UK stockist (Evolution Slimming)
  • Provides a comprehensive dieting plan to adopt
  • Customer is covered by a money-back guarantee
  • Clear, detailed ingredient list and dosage recommendations
  • UK manufactured
  • Attracts positive customer feedback  
  • Around the clock offers and discounts for bulk purchasing

Click Here To Buy Rapsberry Ketone Plus From Evolution-Slimming.com

#2 Raspberry Ketones Max

raspberry ketone maxAlthough not are go-to choice, Raspberry Ketones Max is a fairly effective raspberry ketone supplement with various advantages.

Firstly, it’s a pure formula with no extra fillers. Secondly, it’s a high quality extract and includes 300mg of Raspberry Ketone extract per dosage, which is above the recommended price yet still safe to use. Also, it’s available on a discount and has running deals for buying in bulk.

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#3 Razberi-K

razberi-kThis made in the USA Raspberry Ketone supplement is our no.3 placed fat burning recommendation. The supplement is developed at FDA-registered labs in the USA using high quality raspberry extracts.

When ordering 60-days or more supply of Razberi-K, the company also sends you 1 free bottle of green coffee bean extract.

The company has a 90-day refund policy and offers free shipping on all orders. It also features a one-time payment, with no subsequent and unauthorized re-billing schemes.

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