Green Coffee Bean MAX Review

green coffee bean maxAt the moment, there are various green coffee bean supplements on the market. However, any discerning customer can tell you that not all of them are equally efficient. Occasionally though, it’s rather hard to tell whether a supplement will work, unless you buy a bottle of it.

This review seeks to prevent you from splurging on ineffective supplements by providing a detailed overview of Green Coffee Bean Max, so that you can decide right away if it’s how you will lose those stubborn pounds.

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What is Green Coffee Bean Max?

Green Coffee Bean Max (GCBMAX) is a weight loss supplement in capsule form that assists you in losing weight through different and combinational actions. In no way claiming lose the pounds for you, Green Coffee Bean Max has an ancillary role:

  • Metabolism Boost – The chlorogenic acid in combination with caffeine, kickstart your metabolism allowing you to burn fat much more efficiently. Thanks to the chlorogenic acid present in the pure green coffee bean extract capsules, weight loss is boosted. More specifically, chlorogenic acid prevents glucose release and prompts the metabolizing processes of the liver. Thus, chlorogenic acid does two things; keeps glucose levels balanced and boosts fat metabolizing, both contributing in weight loss.
  • Glucose Levels stabilized – Green Coffee Bean Max helps balance your bloodstream sugar levels helping you thus eliminate sugar cravings and abrupt energy loss. Another benefit of balanced glucose levels is that fat is prevented from being stored in your body, rather it is forced to be used up as an energy source keeping thus the pounds at bay.

Why can’t I just drink coffee?

Chlorogenic acid naturally exists in raw, green coffee beans. When coffee is made the beans need to be first roasted which destroys the chlorogenic acid. That’s why the Green Coffee Bean Max is extracted from unroasted green coffee beans, so that as much as possible of chlorogenic acid’s fat loss ability  remains unharmed.

How does Green Coffee Bean MAX work?

green coffee beans tabletsAs we’ve previously illustrated, Green Coffee Bean Max works thanks to the chlorogenic acid it contains, a powerful blood-sugar stabilizer. Chlorogenic acid when in the body closely controls glucose release.

By controlling how fast glucose will enter the bloodstream, the chlorogenic acid practically delays insulin production by the liver, consequently glucose is not stored as fat but rather used up as energy. This evidently, prevents weight gain. But there’s more.

Apart from decelerating glucose release, chlorogenic acid in combination with caffeine boost the metabolism, accelerating the rate by which the body uses energy.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial, obese adults were found with significant reductions in body mass, body weight and body fat. The review reads,

The results suggest that GCA may be an effective nutraceutical in reducing weight in preobese adults, and may be an inexpensive means of preventing obesity in overweight adults.

The study subjects lost on average 8kg each, translated as slightly above 10% of their whole weight, an admittedly noteworthy weight loss percentage.

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Benefits of taking Green Coffee Bean Max

Green Coffee Bean Max contains all the goodness called chlorogenic acid at a satisfactory amount of 50%. This amount is sufficient in setting the much-coveted weight loss requirements, including:

-Metabolic Rate Boost

-Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

-Reinforces weight loss when the subject exercises and lives healthily

-Minimizes sugar cravings, possibly preventing weight re-gain

Why choose Green Coffee Bean Max Over Other Supplements?

Tellingly, there are double-digit supplements on the market that contain green coffee bean extract. A handful of them is effective, the other are expensive powder pills that do absolutely nothing. For green coffee supplements to be effective, they need to have over 45% of chlorogenic acid. Unsurprisingly, Green Coffee Bean Max has slightly over 50% of chlorogenic acid.

Dr. Oz examined green coffee bean extract in one of his shows and has confirmed its efficiency for weight loss. Here you can view the video presentation of Green Coffee Bean Extract and what the latest research revealed about it. Green coffee extract, Dr. Oz has confirmed that the study results are indeed sound and promising, making green coffee bean max a great solution for safe weight loss.

How to Use and Possible Side Effects

The daily recommended dosage is two capsules, half hour before breakfast and lunch.

Since the extract contains some traces of caffeine (however much below the daily average), it is advised to avoid taking it late in the afternoon or evening to avoid sleep pattern disturbance. Overall, the supplement is safe to use and if taken as advised, no side effects will occur. Additionally, Green Coffee Max is vegetarian-friendly with no added preservatives or fillers.

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Max?

Should you feel Green Coffee Bean Max might be what you need to achieve your weight loss goals you can then visit the official Green Coffee Bean Max website and purchase it safely, discreetly, and cost-effectively. Each Green Coffee Bean Max bottle contains 60 green coffee capsules.

gcb max websiteWhile 1 month supply of GCBMAX sounds a bit costly at £59.95, the supplier gives you a massive 45% discount (£102 in savings) on 4 month supply, as you pay only for 3 bottles and get 1 free with a total cost of £139.95 only.

The cheapest option is 5-month supply with 2 extra bottles free, this will cost only £195.95, as the price reduces to only £27.99 per bottle.

The product comes with 60-days satisfaction guarantee, and provides safe and secure billing procedure, with no hidden rebilling that many other online suppliers use, so it’s highly recommended to order from the GCB MAX official website.

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