Food Swapping – The Easy Way To Cut Down On Calories

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Calorie intake needs to substantially decrease if you want to succeed in attaining your desired, and ideal weight. To do so, you need to apply some calorie reduction tricks or Food Swapping that will set off fast weight loss, without feeling starved all the time.

Admittedly, with just a few adjustments to your usual food consumption, you can see fast and significant progress in your weight and fat loss goals, you won’t believe it was that easy!

Give us a minute to share our tips with you and believe me, once you put them into practice, you will be amazed by their efficiency, wishing you knew about them earlier.

Food Swapping – Switching from Granola to Oatmeal

A calorie-saving food swap is reaching for oatmeal each morning, instead of the calorie-laden granola. Whilst oatmeal is, by definition, fiber-dense and with no added sugar, the same cannot be argued for (most) granola brands.

With this simple food switch, you just decreased your calorie intake by (up to) 300 calories. Not bad!

Ditching Beef for Fish

You can make a large favor to yourself if you crossed red meat out of your diet and opted for fish instead. The truth is, both are rich in protein, their only difference is that protein in fish is of higher quality. And not only that, but fish is also poor in terms of calories, and has zero if any, fat, so there is really no excuse here, include it in your diet and watch the pounds be shed away fast!

Of course, having beef up to 4 times a week is good for sustaining your iron levels up, but make sure it is no more than that. The nutrients in beef can be found elsewhere in abundance (salmon, tuna, or anchovies), so try to avoid consuming it, as much as possible.

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Food Swapping – Getting the real thing: Fruit not Juice

Preferring fruit over juice actually brings more fiber to your body, making you feel fuller

Why should one prefer juice over fruit is beyond me; juices are often packed with empty calories and rich in added sugars, not to mention the blatant absence of fibers. In fact, when you drink juice instead of eating the actual fruit, you cause your blood sugar to surge in view of what it contains (and lacks) this means that 20 to 30 minutes after consuming it your energy levels will reach a new low.

Now, if you reach for some pears or apples, you will be pouring into your system the much-needed fibers for keeping you full longer, and we haven’t even talked about how much more vitamins and minerals you will also be getting!

Most people wrongly assume juice and fruit are interchangeable, don’t be one of them, they aren’t.

Get Spaghetti Squash not Pasta

food swappingPasta is tightly associated with carbohydrates for a reason, it’s brimming with them. So, if you are concern about your calorie intake, switching to spaghetti squash will be a great step towards weight loss. Spaghetti squash is a great alternative for keeping your calorie intake at low levels, boosting weight loss, yet still allowing you to relish comfort food.

Eaten in the same manner conventional pasta is, this little gem can save you 200 calories each time you choose it over regular pasta.


Adapting the aforementioned swapping strategies will help you lose weight easily. The efficiency of these Food Swapping or switching tips lies in the fact that, since your diet will not be severely modified, you won’t feel food-deprived; yet you will be noticeably cutting down on calories.

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