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Fat Burners

If you are busy and looking for rapid weight loss, fat burners is the best choice for you. The latest generations of fat burners are indeed extremely effective and can promote substantial weight loss in the first weeks of use.

Fat burners are the most widespread type of slimming pills available, working as stimulants, thermogenics or plain diuretics. Most scams can be found among fat burners, that’s why it’s important to choose only the recommended fat burning slimming pills – with science based formulas and without side effects (or very mild and not harmful side effects).

Top 3 Fat Burners
#1 – FenBurn #2 – Capsiplex #3 – Phen375
thermogenic fat burner capsiplex chili pills phen375 fat burner
Customer Rating star4 (11) star3.5 (11)
Exp. Monthly Weight Loss 25 lbs 10-15 lbs Up to 20 lbs
Patented/Certified Ingredients Capsiacin + others Capsicum extract DMAA, capsiacin
Harmful Ingredients None No No
Side Effects No rare & mild No
Pills Per Package 90 30 30
Price Per 1 Month Supply £32.97 £29.99 $69.95
Shipping 1-3 days UK, USA UK Delivery – £3.95International – £9.95 Paid
Satisfaction Guarantee 30 days 7 days 30 days
Overall Customer Feedback The most powerful Great weight loss & appetite control Best for rapid weight loss

How Fat Burners Work?

When you hear about “fat burners” – you need to know there are different types of fat burners with different scope of action:

  • Stimulants – stimulating your nervous system (outcomes can be undesirable)
  • Thermogenics – burn calories by increasing metabolism through the heat production
  • Diuretics – take out water from you your body

Stimulant-based fat burners

The active ingredients in stimulants are substances containing agents that stimulate alpha and beta-adrenal receptors of your nervous system.

The action can be similar to having a slight adrenaline rush, when your heart is racing, lungs open wide, your body temperature increases and so on…  Your body starts to spend a lot of calories to produce heat, plus the metabolism boosts like if you are exercising rigorously, and the fat breakdown process (called fat oxidation) accelerates.

The most well known stimulants are: ephedra (ma-huang) and ephedrine, synephrine, yohimbine, and caffeine.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad – most of these components are having a wide range of side effects, and several are dangerous to your health, and have been banned by FDA and MHRA.


Quite often you see the slimming pills with exaggerating claims, like losing up to 5 pounds a day – usually these pills are claiming they burn off fat rapidly. But in fact – the ingredients used by this product are known diuretics.

Dandelion root, ginger, fennel and other herbal components usually promote water takeout from your body.

In some cases, using diuretics is justified, but this is called fake weight loss – taking out water in order to create visibility of dropping pounds. Your fat is going nowhere from your body in this case. This can be very harmful to your health!

Thermogenic fat burners

This group of fat burners is also based off stimulating certain processes inside your body, but without adverse side effects and dangers that the “ephedra” group has.

There are a lot of latest advancements in the weight loss industry that promote substantial weight loss without any serious side effects – most popular now are capsicum (chili pepper, red hot  pepper) extracts and highly refined AMP enzyme boosters with the most sought-after range of benefits:

  • Increased calorie burning through thermogenic action
  • Boosting slow metabolism
  • Increased fat breakdown
  • Breaking down fatty compounds
  • Lipase inhibition (hence, appetite suppression effects)
  • Boosting energy levels, concentration and alertness

There are also other medically backed ingredients included in the slimming pills recommended above, that turn these products into almost guaranteed weight loss agents – that will help you to shed off pounds no matter how bad or unhealthy your eating habits may be.

Are Fat Burners Really Effective – What Clinical Studies Show?

The stimulants like Ephedrine, synephrine, yohimbine and caffeine have been extensively studied by medics and their positive and negative sides are well known.

In 2003 RAND organization in Santa-Monica published studies that assessed the effectiveness of ephedra with/without caffeine for weight loss. The studies showed that ephedrine promoted substantial weight loss in the control group compared to placebo.

However, there were numerous reports of adverse reactions that accompanied usage of ephedrine, such as:

  • Panic attacks
  • Gastroenterological issues
  • Heart racing
  • High blood pressure
  • Risks of cardiovascular reactions (heart attacks, syncope)

Other risks, obtained from the numerous cases in people who became addictive to stimulants, include the serious metabolism damage that led to gaining more weight back after people stopped taking stimulants.

There have been (and still occur) cases of lethal outcomes that are associated with taking of ephedra-based stimulants.

But what about the latest *HOT* substances like Capsicum (chili pepper), green coffee, or safe Ephedra “replacements” like 1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride?

Besides the officially documented studies on the effects of capsicum on fat reduction, there were clinical trials held that tested the particular product – Capsiplex. The studies were held by the University of Oklahoma, and assessed incredible results from using this slimming pill for weight management, including:

  • Up to 278 calories more burned without extra physical activity
  • 7.5% more oxygen intake during exercises
  • Lowering bold cholesterol levels
  • Increased energy expenditure

The substance like 1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride (DMAA) is well known since 1940s. The number of animal studies showed its effectiveness in reducing body fat levels, and since the FDA banned prescription-based Phentermine, it’s now used as the safe replacement for the well known diet pills, since this component doesn’t have such adverse effects as original Phentermine.

Slimming pills like Phen375 effectively combine highly refined DMAA with other substances to get the incredibly effective solution for burning fat and appetite suppression, all without hazardous side effects. It’s also one of the recommended slimming pills.

Fat Burners – The Good and the Bad

As you know, there are no ideal solutions that will shed off your weight without any efforts on your side. Fat burners are no different, and we want you to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Fat Burners Weak Points

  • Stimulant-based fat burners have numerous side effects and can bring harm to your health
  • Fat burners are not the best for the long-term weight loss (Looking for long term weight-loss ? See fat binders as these are the best here)
  • The majority of scams are among fat burning slimming pills (dangerous components, fake pills, untested products)
  • “Fat burners” containing primarily diuretics should be avoided
  • Premium products can be more expensive (real weight loss results require investment)
  • Fat burners can have side effects (sometimes occur with recommended products)

But, at the same time, there are several good reasons behind far burners’ popularity.

Fat Burners Strong Points

  • Fat burning pills promote rapid and substantial weight loss (up to 20 lbs per month, registered results)
  • Premium fat burners (see table) also help curb food cravings
  • Fat burners increase energy levels, concentration and alertness
  • Latest fat burners have mild to no side effects (no addiction & metabolism wreckage)
  • Premium fat burners are distributed by reputable companies with excellent customer support

If you are not the person that cannot rely heavily on your dieting regime, or you just need to quickly lose some weight without too much dedication – fat burners are the best choice for you. Bodybuilders and fitness athletes also use them to burn off fat and get more lean muscles.

Just make sure to pick among the well known and premium brands, and you will see results!

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