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Carb Blockers

Carb blockers are the type of slimming pills that are blocking the calorie intake from carbohydrates you get with a food.

Most of the carb blockers are based on the active ingredient called Phaselous Vulgaris, also known as white kidney bean. The other active component believed to prevent carbohydrates absorption is Garcinia Cambogia (aka hydroxycytric acid – HCA).

Top 3 Carb Blockers
#1 – Meratol #2 – Calxpel #3 – Dietrine
meratol carb blocker  
carbohydrate blocker pills
 Dietrine carb blocker
Customer Rating
Exp. Monthly Weight Loss 10-14 lbs  Up to 8 lbs  6-8 lbs
Patented/Certified Ingredients Capsicum, ID-Alg™ White Kidney Bean  Phase2®
 Harmful Ingredients Safe dos. of caffeine No  No
 Side Effects None reported None reported None reported
 Pills Per Bottle 60 30 60
 Price Per 1 Month Supply £34.99 £29.95  £24.54
 Shipping £3.95 FREE UK Delivery FREE UK Delivery
 Satisfaction Guarantee 7 days  30 days 30 days
 Overall Customer Feedback Most effective carb blocker Very popular UK choice  Effective weight gain prevention

How Carb Blockers Work?

The active ingredient in carb blocking supplement is blocking the alpha-amylase enzyme, which is responsible for breaking down the starches in our meals into the carbohydrates that our body absorbs and receives calories.

If this enzyme is blocked, the carbs are not split into the digestible units so they don’t provide any calorie intake, which in turn may result in shedding weight by utilizing our existing calories.

Is There Any Scientific Background For Carb Blockers?

Yes, the scientific studies of white kidney bean took place in 2004 and 2007.

Results of studies by UCLA School of Medicine in 2004 showed that a daily 1500 mg dosage of phaselous vulgaris, taken during 8 weeks by 14 men and women, enhanced weight loss and decreased triglyceride levels in blood comparing to placebo.

The Italian study by Universita Cattolica di Roma in 2007 showed significantly positive results for weight loss, fat levels and waist circumference comparing to placebo.

The studies of garcinia cambogia didn’t show any significant results for weight loss.

What Are The Common Pros and Cons Of Using Carb Blockers?

Carb blocker slimming pills based on the white kidney bean may promote your weight loss, but there are some caveats involved:

  • Carb blockers will hardly help if you are consuming a lot of starchy foods
  • Only patented white kidney bean is needed for effective carb blocking
  • Only significant dosages of active ingredient will work for blocking carbs

It’s wrong to say that carb blockers are not worth it – it all comes down to a particular reliable brand, which contains the effective dosage of patented 100% original active ingredient.

  • Authentic carb blocker effectively reduces calorie intake by ~200 calories a day
  • Calories are no longer stored as fats in your body
  • The body starts to utilize the stored calories and your fat melts down

All these benefits come from taking carb blockers, getting plenty of physical activity and low calorie dieting.

Among the numeruous carb blockers available to buy today, we found that Meratol surpasses other brands by quality of ingredients and effectiveness. It’s other benefits are:

  • UK manufactured
  • Created by Advanced Healthtm, the trusted company adhereing to best business practicies
  • Multi-approach supplement, reduces carb ingestion, supresses appetite and boosts metabolism

So far, it’s the #1 recommended carb blocking tablets to try.

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