5 Best Super Foods For Weight Loss

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It’s the same thing every year; you come up with a list of exaggeratedly aspiring resolutions, exercise more, stress less, eat better. But it’s hard to keep these resolutions because you have the wrong — or no motivation to keep them.

However, knowing the immediate benefits of changing your lifestyle, makes  it so much easier for your to stick to your resolutions.

The following 5 super fruits are already part and parcel of many people’s diets. Their health benefits and weight loss power are enjoyed by millions of people. But what all the fuss is about?

Garcinia Cambogia

garcinia fruitThis super fruit looks like a mini-sized pumpkin and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, it’s a fruit heralded as the weight loss miracle solution.

  • Studies have shown that Garcinia Cambogia extract helps you lose weight thanks to its fat-burning power.
  • HCA the wonder-making compound of Garcinia Cambogia increases fat oxidation.
  • HCA also reduces your appetite, sustaining for longer periods, the feeling of fullness
  • HCA improves your mood by enhancing your serotonin levels, making it harder for you to binge eat because of stress.

garcinia extract 60% hcaThe main benefit of Garcinia Cambogia is that it prevents fat formation, by inhibiting carbs and sugar from being stored as body fat, resulting in weight loss.

Since Garcinia Cambogia’s effectiveness is attributed to the extract from its rinds, you can get all its benefits by using a high-quality weight loss supplement, like Garcinia Cambogia Extra, which offers 60% of HCA — a high concentration of the compound responsible for weight loss.

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Yacon Syrup

yacon syrupExtracted from the yacon plant, this syrup is an antioxidant powerhouse with proven weight loss capacity too. Why include it in your diet? Yacon syrup, has been found to have multiple benefits,

  • It trims your waistline and reduces body fat
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Helps with digestion and constipation and promotes satiety also conducive to weight loss (acts as a prebiotic)
  • Dr Oz endorsement and Dr Oz study replicated  other studies’ weight loss results
  • Sweet taste thanks to fructooligosaccharides – but few calories!
  • Studies found it helps in the absorption of calcium and magnesium, a possible prevention solution for osteoporosis

yaconGiven all the benefits of this natural, low-cal super fruit, it’s no surprise you should be integrating it in your diet right now. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer any major changes to reap its benefits.

In fact, The Yacon Diet supplement is the easiest way to introduce it in your lifestyle. The brand consists of capsules you take twice a day and a syrup you use in place of sugar in any beverages throughout the day. Easy breezy.

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Raspberry Ketones

raspberriesYou know how the world has been in delirium after Raspberry Ketone was revealed to have amazing fat burning capacity. Raspberry Ketone is the aromatic compound in raspberries which has an important function, it increases adiponectin which is responsible for body fat burning.

raspberry bottleAlthough, no human studies have replicated these results, its fat burning capacity is irrefutable, as it shows significant fat loss and metabolic change whenever tested.

The market is of course, is jam-packed with Raspberry Ketone supplements, with the majority being ineffective.

Two diet pills decisively useful in the battle of the bulge are Raspberry Ketone Plus and Garcinia Cambogia Extra. The latter combines the benefits of the two most effective super-foods compounds out there; raspberry ketone and chlorogenic acid!

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Green Coffee Beans

green coffee beanIt doesn’t get any better than having people tell you that coffee, your favorite drink is a super fruit.

Since scientists discovered that unroasted coffee beans have chlorogenic acid, a compound responsible for weight loss, dieters across the globe rushed to get hold of this new weight loss game changer.

  • A 12-week study on humans have confirmed its weight loss power, as the obese participants, on average lost 18lbs.
  • Dr Oz Green Coffee project, replicated clinical trials’ findings. In 2 weeks, participants lost on average 2lbs.
  • Human studies confirm it can reduce BMI, body fat and weight
  • High absorption level means increased effectiveness for weight loss

green coffee extractYou can obtain chlorogenic acid goodness from coffee, but the amount is reduced because the beans have been roasted.

That’s why for a sufficient dose of CGA that can help you stay slim throughout 2014, we recommend Green Coffee Bean Max. Unlike most GCE supplements, this contains little caffeine and more chlorogenic acid so that it can boost your metabolism and help you shed pounds, without giving you caffeine-associated side effects.

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Acai Berry

bunch of acai berriesThink of acai berry as a mystery super fruit. Up to this moment it contains more than 50 active compounds, scientists have yet to identify. What we know  for sure about acai berry is that it’s a powerhouse of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Acai has been clinically tested and discovered to have substantial anti-cancer activity as well.

How Acai improves your overall health,

  • Rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals ad stressors, keeping CVD and possibly cancer at bay
  • Flavonoids and anthocyanins in Acai help boost your immune system against infections and other diseases
  • Counteracts oxidative stress which leads to aging.
  • Promotes faster weight loss

100% pure acai berry extractHealth supplement companies have made it easy for you to incorporate this super fruit into your diet by offering it condensed  in capsule form. Pure Acai Berry is a brand developed by trusted company Evolution Slimming in the UK. It’s the only supplement to be reviewed in the UK Sunday Times.

The superfoods above are probably the best choices if you want to supplement your slimming process and achieve not only faster fat burning, but also reverse aging effects, make skin better and improve your health in general.

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