Amanda Hamilton Diet Plan

amanda hamilton diet planWhen a diet plan boosts to help you lose up to 5lbs a week, you can’t help but notice. After the initial thrill and once your heart rate goes back to normal, doubt and condescension, begin crawling into your mind. Will it work? Everything else didn’t.

That was my initial reaction when I first heard about the Amanda Hamilton Diet Plan. I’ve seen it advertised here and there, but it was only when a friend started shrinking, I thought this could be it!

So I tried it. My verdict? You just need to carry on reading!

What is it exactly?

The fresh and admittedly brave, proposition of this diet plan is that is a natural approach to weight loss. It offers no magic potions of fat-burning chemicals, or pills of dubious origin and content.

amanda hamilton diet program

Amanda Hamilton – The Leading UK Nutritionist

This diet programme is in fact much more, it’s a 180º  lifestyle change. It covers all possible aspects of weight loss; weight loss how-to, support and inspiration, personalization aka: we value your needs, communication many little things to make weight loss a breeze. With this simple philosophy of an all-inclusive diet plan, Hamilton has taken weight loss a step further. The results, dumbfounding.

Amanda’s program is three-phased. The first is the Detox Stage, where you have three meals (and 2 snacks) and daily advice and support to keep your spirits up. On average 1-3lbs are usually shed of. Wait there’s more!

Following, is the Re-shape Stage, a truly custom-made approach to nutrition, matched to your physical conditions and body shape. The whole process is reinforced with customized support and a dashboard to express and track your progress.

Nothing is left out, from menus to shopping lists, everything is taken care of. I  personally loved how they can deliver meals right to my door- it felt good and pampering!

The final phase Hamilton calls the Healthy-me one. When others’ policy is no questions asked after the purchase, in this program you get support for as long as you wish, long after goals have been reached. No other diet program I’ve been in offered my such a valuable option.

For the final phase, menus are adjusted for optimum weight maintenance and weight loss knowledge is freely available to keep you on track.

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How does it claim to help shed pounds?

Amanda Hamilton is a TV nutritionist, who dedicated her life and career in helping thousands of people lose weight, in a healthy, natural manner.

Amanda is not a fan of blindingly applied approaches to hundreds of (different) people. She is an ardent proponent of individuality.

Effectiveness hinges on a individual-specific program. This diet plan is targeted, accommodating the body shape and nutritional needs of every single woman.

Where’s the supporting evidence?

diet plan success storiesTo be honest, unless you try this program you cannot be convinced it works. We are wired into needing proof and that’s sensible; with so much fraud and deception one can never be too certain.

“ it really focused me and kick-started a healthy life change”. Kathy

“Amanda’s diet helped my once chaotic cycle to get back to normal which has been life changing in itself.” Helen

“I hadn’t realised before how tired I actually was but now I feel ready to take on life again.” Shirley

Reading the testimonials above, two things are palpable;

  • None felt hungry, (No1 reason for giving up). The meals were actually delicious and BIG
  • These women got it right. They realized the program made them healthier, apart from skinnier.
  • Loosing pounds was a secondary achievement. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

Why Amanda’s Plan is different from other diet plans?

Have a peek at the Amanda Hamilton diet advantages:

  • Fast                        Women shed up to 5lbs within their first week
  • Personalized        Menus and Support are tailored to your needs; effectiveness is inevitable.
  • Healthy                  100% natural, no chemicals, no drugs, just a healthy lifestyle turnaround
  • Efficient                 Support, Inspiration and Communication, greatly contribute in its efficiency
  • Far-sighted           It’s sustainable. It aims to keep you healthy AND slim, in the long run.
  • Targeted               Nothing left to chance. Efficiently targeting bloating, cravings and cellulite.

For me, its success lies on being a truly dedicated and all-embracing weight loss program. The fact that each woman is treated as she should be; a unique person with distinctive needs, weaknesses and strengths, is what makes it successful!

How to get on the Amanda Hamilton program

Just go to the official website and sign up, membership is an astonishingly inconsequential £3.75/ week!

For this you get: progress reports, personalized menus and shopping lists, easy recipes, workout plans, interaction and support in its community, optional meal-delivery and so much more.

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